When Should I Get My Puppy Vaccinated? (And Why?)

Tips On Getting Started In Dog Agility Training

Getting your dog in top shape and keeping them there, is not only a great new hobby, but excellent for your health as well. When getting into the agility training, you’ll find that you make hundreds of new friends for both you and your dog, and you’ll each get a good workout while forming an excellent lifelong bond. There are a few tips that you need to know in order to get started, let’s take a look now.

Puppy Potty Training Methods

Puppy potty training is probably one of the most difficult aspects of dog ownership. If not properly trained, the dog is more capable of being disobedient or even aggressive to an extent. There are various methods that you can use to potty train a puppy. The following methods are the most common.

Good Dog Etiquette At Park, Beach And Camping

Being a dog owner comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Taking your dog out away from home requires a certain amount of dog etiquette, and each different place carries some different rules that should be followed in order to get along nicely with the other dogs and their owners. Let’s go over a few of the responsibilities of taking your dog to a dog park, camping, or the beach.

Five Important Obedience Commands All Dogs Should Know

Every well-mannered dog should know at least five basic but important dog obedience commands which are: Down, sit, come, heel, and stay. You need to teach your dog these commands 3 to 5 sessions a day with each session lasting 10 to 15 minutes. Short but frequent sessions are preferable to long and tedious ones if you want to maintain your dog’s interest. The following is a brief outline of the basic dog training commands. You may opt for verbal praise or use treats once the dog has performed the desired behavior.

Why Some Dog Trainers Are Not Successful With Their Business

Launching a dog training business can be tempting if you are passionate about dogs. However, becoming a successful dog trainer takes much more than passion and dedication. No matter how good of a trainer you are, these skills will not be enough to make you a successful business owner.

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