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Tips On Treating Dog Bladder Infection The Natural Way

Have you ever wondered if natural remedies actually work for dog bladder infections? Chances are, for every infection your canine companion gets, you were prescribed with antibiotics. This is especially true in the case of non-holistic vets. From the term itself, holistic veterinarians view each case holistically and as such, take into consideration every factor that can affect your dog’s health: genetics, breed predisposition, age, diet, environmental factors, physiological and anatomical disorders and many more.

The Most Common Cause of Pain to an Aging Dog and How It Can Be Treated

Hip Dysplasia with secondary arthritisis is the most common disease that an aging dog suffers. But there are numerous canine diseases suffered by mature dogs that can be treated through homeopathic treatment, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, herbal treatment, etc., where appropriate.

5 Dog Eye Problems – Focus on Herbal Remedies

Dog eye problems, just like people eye problems, include a variety of conditions that obstruct proper vision and make our pets, and ourselves, uncomfortable. Veterinarians see a number of eye problems in dogs. Most respond well to conventional treatment as well as natural, organic, herbal remedies.

10 Tips To Photographing The Family Pet

Photographing animals can be a highly rewarding yet challenging task! There are some steps however that amateur and professional photographers can take into consideration when preparing to photograph the family pet.

Salmonella Poisoning, Signs, Symptoms and Dangers

With the unprecedented number of dog foods and treats being recalled due to salmonella poisoning, dog owners should be aware of the signs, symptoms, and dangers. Do you know what you should be watching for, what pets are more at risk, and when to seek veterinary help?

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