Why Does My Dog Bark When I’m Out? #shorts #relaxmydog

Dental Care for Your Dog Is Important to Overall Health

Did you know that tooth decay can cause serious health problems in your dog? We will explain the importance of good oral hygiene for your dog as well as the best practices.

How Hot Weather Can Harm Your Dog

Although the summer is an enjoyable season, the hot temperatures can quickly cause problems including heat stroke for your dog. We will review the potential problems for dogs in the summer as well as provide advice to keep your dog safe during this time of year.

Helper Dogs – Companions As Well As Servants

Service dogs can be used for much more that helping the blind as seeing eye dogs. These dogs can help people with a wide-range of disabilities. We will look into the different ways that helper dogs or service dogs are helping many people today.

Helping Your Dog Get Along With Other Pets

Living with multiple pets can lead to conflict if the pets are not introduced to each other properly. We will discuss ways to have multiple pets, of the same species or different species, living under the same roof in harmony.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Destroying Your Home

Some dogs go on a destructive streak in the home when they are not being challenged enough or when they are lonely of have separation anxiety. We will explore ways to help prevent this behavior in your pet, for your sanity and their safety.

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