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Dealing With Dogs That Have Hip Dysplasia

Dogs with hip dysplasia experience intense pain as a result of the looseness of their hip-joint. Dog parents can deal with them by providing them a healthy and balanced diet, helping them get proper exercise, and giving them a hip and joint supplement for dogs.

Quarter Field Exercise for Your Dog

During this phase of training, you should start using containers made of various materials such as plastic or paper (not materials that have a great deal of scent), in lieu of cloth bag, for the odour. These type containers are more realistic and will restrict the odour from freely escaping, which consequently increases the difficulty of the exercises. To further increase the dog’s aggression toward the odour, various types of string or cord should be used to secure the dummy and odour.

How Does Your Dog Learn?

This article will give you some information on how your dog thinks. This information will hopefully help you better understand your dog and how he acts.

Dog Language Explained

Do you know dog body language? This article will give you some insight into what your dog is saying with his body.

What Not To Share With Your Dog This Thanksgiving Dinner

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner this year I want you to enjoy yourselves while at the same time thinking of your dogs. You can make this day special for them too but you have to be careful about what you serve them for their meal. Here are some tips on certain foods you should not be sharing with your dogs this Thanksgiving or on any occasion.

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