Why Do Dogs Like to Dig?

All of Our Best – And – I Can’t Stop Seeing You

In part, we were designed specifically by you From the wolf our many breeds flow But part of what we are, we became, for you Compared to humans, our life span is short And because the time we have here is limited We have put all of the best into our years We live life to the fullest, soaking it all in Whether it is something joyful, scary, or sad We cannot afford to waste a precious day…

Don’t Give Up On Me

Someone had opened the gate at my parents’ home and their dog and my grandmother’s dog got out. Grandmother was in a nursing home and my parents had taken her little poodle mix in. After canvassing the neighborhood, questioning all the neighbors and putting ads in the newspaper I began making daily trips to the pound looking for the lost dogs.

On and On – And – There With You

I am gone from you but you are not gone from me I am there – you are with me. I have slipped free of my earthly body, just as you will, at a time, marked for you. A time marked for me, too, as you cross the Bridge.

Do Your Dogs Manipulate You?

If you are a dog owner, you most likely have been subjected to manipulation on the part of your dog, but, are you always aware that you are being manipulated? Dogs are such intelligent creatures! They practically “study” their owners until they get to know which buttons to press in order to get what they want.

They Left Me Here

I didn’t quite fit in, you see. I was different from the rest.

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