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More Than a Guide

More than a guide you are my companion, friend… my family. How sad it will be when you’ve slowed down and grown old; your usefulness deemed exhausted and you are taken from me, To not hear your footfall… How quiet my world would be!

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why… does no one hold me when I cry? They say we are a good-natured breed, cheerful and easy to get along with, that to be happy there is little we need

Does Your Dog Wipe Their Feet After a Toilet Session?

Have you ever seen your dog wipe their hind paws on the ground after they toilet? This may seem absurd, but is a very common and natural thing for a dog to do – and they may not ‘need’ to do it every time!

Pros and Cons of the Wire Dog Crate

A wire dog crate is one of the many purchases required when taking on responsibility of a new puppy. A crate is not only beneficial for house training, it can also give a safe haven to rest and sleep.

How To Relieve Itching in Dogs

The fact is that our dogs can develop a wide range of health conditions and in this article I would like to focus on one of them. Specifically I want to talk with you about why some dogs cannot stop itching and what you can do about it. Itching and scratching is something that can affect all dogs.

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