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Caring For a New Dog

Did you just bring home your new dog? Your dog might have come from the shelter or from a pet shop. It does not really matter as long as you make sure that your dog will be able to fit in. Some dogs from the shelter may seem a bit scared at first especially if they have had bad experience with their previous owners.

How to Help Your Dog to Overcome Fear of Noises

Dogs who are afraid of storms and noises can be stressed out and insecure. Help your dog be calm and confident using these easy steps. Be assured that next time you go out for Guy Fawkes you wont come home to a missing dog.

Three Dog Training Commands To A Perfect Pup

Teaching your dog three basic commands at an early stage can help you avoid many safety and behavioral issues down the road. These commands include “Sit,” “Come Here,” and “Leave It.” Although it sounds simplistic, after housetraining, these three commands may be all you really need. At the very least, they will give you a great base from which to build future training.

How to Calm a Frightened Dog

Is your dog frightened of hearing loud noises, meeting strangers, or when encountering unfamiliar objects? Fear and aggression are the two most common behavior problems in dogs. Know how you can calm your dog when he’s frightened.

The Heaven Sent Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs help people in hospitals, nursing homes; mental health centers… and they do everything from lifting spirits to assisting with physical therapy. Albeit, the TV series about a stray German Shepherd rescuing humans from peril and strife were fantasy episodes, but I know a story of a real life ‘heaven sent therapy dog.’

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