How to Teach Your Dog to Give Paw!

Prey Drive In Dogs

Let’s face it dogs are an animal that has been domesticated for centuries. However, this does not mean that the dogs are going to lose all of their natural instincts. One of those instincts that people tend to forget that dogs are going to keep intact is their prey drive. This is a drive that is showing the dog is an animal, but he or she is also an animal that wants to hunt. The problem is a lot of times people will think the prey drive is not going to be a problem, until the neighbor’s cat goes missing or the dog goes after some other animals. Here is how to cope with prey drive in the dogs.

Keeping Your Senior Dog In Good Health

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend for life. Some dogs however live longer than others. Taking good care of your senior dog can ensure that they are around to enjoy more of life. Formulating a plan now to take care of your older dog can keep that special relationship alive for years to come.

Information on Pomeranians

Pomeranians are a small dog breed that originated in Pomerania, an area on the south shore of the Baltic Sea. They really came to be popular when Queen Victoria let her dogs be displayed in a show; this is around the time they became common in England.

How To Train A Diabetic Alert Dog

There are countless Americas that suffer from diabetes, structuring their lives around it, walking a daily tightrope with blood tests, monitoring sugar levels and planning a careful diet. Not to worry, it can get a little bit easier, particularly if you have Type 1 Diabetes, that’s where ‘man’s best friend’ can help. Dogs can be trained to recognize the scent of those experiencing hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar and then in turn warn their owners.

Training Your Dog – Striving For A Disciplined Pet

The first thing you need to do after you bring home your pet dog is train it. After all, you want a disciplined pet; one that will come when you call, one that will not pounce on visitors walking into your home and above all a pet that won’t mess up the house. The process of training can be overwhelming if you do not know how to go about it and if you are not equipped to undertake it smoothly.

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