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Effective Tips For Helping Canines Lose Weight

Pet owners are known to take their responsibilities quite seriously and are concerned about their overall well being. The aging process for canines can become overwhelming for owners as they gain weight and become more lethargic in many instances while leading to long term health risks that must be avoided. Anyone focused on this concern should know the most effective tips for helping canines lose weight in a healthy and effective manner.

Vaccinations and Your Dog

Vaccines are a bit of a hot button topic in past years, and this is true of dog vaccinations as well. Dog owners often want information about risks associated with vaccines, which vaccines are recommended, and alternatives to vaccines. Ultimately, this article should address many of these concerns while giving dog owners a better understanding of vaccines, the reason dogs need them, and new canine vaccination

Should I Allow My Dog On The Furniture?

Should you allow your dog on your furniture? Actually, opinions differ. Many people consider their dogs part of their family and, as such, they believe that their dog should be allowed on at least some of their furniture. But other people believe just as firmly that dogs should have their own places to lie and sleep which do not include the furniture. However, there are some things to consider about each position.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

We all know that dogs bark and whine and cry and whimper. These are all perfectly normal ways for a dog to communicate. But you may forget that dogs howl, too. They may not do it very often, but your dog is just as capable of howling as any wolf or coyote.

Dogs Like Stuffed Toys

Just why do dogs like stuffed toys? If you’ve ever watched your dog rip the stuffing from a stuffie, or gently carry a stuffed animal around like a friend, you may have wondered why dogs like them so much. The answers can be complex.

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