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There Is More Than One Way To Train A Dog

There are actually several different ways to train a dog. Some methods are actually better than others and achieve better results.

2 Reasons So Many Dogs Are Put To Sleep Each Year

In this article I would like to discuss 2 reasons that so many dogs end up in shelters and are put to sleep each year. The first reason is a lack of proper house training. Training your dog to do it’s business in the correct place (outside on the grass) is very important.

Five Ways To Enjoy A Walk With Your Dog

Walking is a boring activity. It is also a very easy activity but that doesn’t necessarily make you want to walk. Here is a list of five different ways to make a walk more fun and involve your dog. Try one or more of them to kick start not only your fitness but your dogs fitness as well.

Your Liability As A Dog Owner

Depending on where you live your liability as a dog owner can seem very confusing. Ensuring that you are fulfilling your legal obligations while giving your pooch love can be complicated at best. Some of the things you are liable for may even be surprising.

What You Need To Do If Your Puppy Gets Sick

Puppies are fragile animals that need extra love and attention until they can grow into their full adult bodies. When a puppy becomes sick you may be confused as what to do to ensure that the puppy recovers fully. There are a few practices you can take to help your puppy heal and feel better about themselves throughout the entire sickness. Follow the advice outlined here so that you can rest assured that your puppy will be fine and that he or she will recover in a short amount of time.

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