Why Does My Dog Nip Me When He’s Excited?

Remembering Your Ever Faithful Friend

When you own a dog, you are not just looking after another animal, you are welcoming that dog into your family, and it will not be long until your pet dog feels just like another member of the household that is why it can be difficult when the time comes to say goodbye. Unfortunately, dogs and other pets do have a shorter life span than humans, and this is just a fact of life, however, it means that one day you are going to have to say goodbye to your precious canine.

Bark Collars – Do They Work On Every Breed Of Dogs?

Right now, we are going to figure out if bark collars really work? It is the number one concern on the minds of dog owners who’re thinking about buying one, but don’t understand precisely how these units help discipline dogs. There are two ways that we can look at it to respond to this question.

Separation Anxiety And Your Dog

If the separation anxiety is to high for your dog you might want to try an over the counter drug to keep them calm. Anxietrex is an OTC Homeopathic Pet Medicine that may be used with other medications. Discover the Natural Relief Medicine for Dog anxiety symptoms that’s formulated to safely start relieving your dog’s separation anxiety symptoms such as anxiety, fear, nervousness and mood swings. This over the counter natural medicine will help support calmness and balanced energy levels. This medicine is safe for your dog and has negative side effects common to other OTC drugs. This drug is also safe with other medications.

The Importance of an Obedient Dog

Why is an obedient dog important when considering what his job will be. Four accomplished trainers tell you why.

Ten Crate Training Mistakes You Want to Avoid at All Cost

You just got a new puppy or dog. You are understandably very excited. Great! Now save yourself frustration by reading these ten crate training mistakes to avoid when you house train your dog.

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