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Allergies and How They Relate to Your Dog

It is truly amazing that such small molecules can have such great effects on such large organisms. To be specific, think about how allergies arise. A small molecule enters the body, or is already persistent in the body, and the immune system of your body begins to attack that molecule. That is the basic principle of how allergies arise, an over-protective body. It is not a stretch to say that allergies not only affect humans but other animals as well, such as dogs. Dogs are animals that require relatively the same amount of hygiene as humans. Lacking in this department may lead to severe outcomes for the dog and its owners.

Dealing With a Food Aggressive Dog

Dogs just naturally guard their food due to thousands of years of running in packs, and when food was found, the biggest, most aggressive dog always got to eat first, then down through the pecking order to the smallest dog, who ate last or not at all. When dogs become aggressive around their food, it’s because they are relying on their instincts, and they think you are a threat to their food. There are a lot of other reasons that dogs become aggressive, let’s go over those now and discuss ways in which you can teach your dog to not be aggressive around food, for the sake of your family and peace of mind.

Are Antlers Good Chew Toys For Dogs?

Most pet owners can tell you that if your dog is not given chew toys, they will chew on whatever they can find. Dog’s teeth, just like humans need something to chew on to relieve pain and to sharpen their canine teeth. There are many different options on the market today for chew toys, but all natural is decidedly better for your dog. Antlers have proven to be a healthy alternative to bones, but still have the same dietary benefits that bones do.

Helping Your Overweight Dog Lose Pounds and Have Fun Doing It

Is your dog starting to look a little pudgy and needing a diet? Many dog owners are unsure about finding the right diet. We have the best information for dog diets. All the information contained in this article will help your dog diet safely.

How Dangerous Is It To Leave Loose Dogs In The Car?

There are few pets that get the kind of recognition dogs do when it comes to their caring, loving, and loyal personalities. Dubbed “a man’s best friend,” dogs have been wonderful pets for centuries and continue to do so in the future. There are times however, when one does not take good care of their dog, even unwillingly. In the last few years, we have seen a rise of dog deaths related to cars. Specifically, a rise in deaths because they were left in vehicles on warm days for a prolonged period of time.

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