Why Does My Dog Follow Me Around?

Is Your Dog Clueless About Fetching?

It always looks great when you see people playing fetch with their dog. It’s easy to believe that every dog is born knowing how to fetch. Some dogs do instinctively fetch and retrieve, but there are plenty of dogs who will look at you like you’re nuts when you throw a ball for them and tell them to go fetch it.

How Long Will My Dog Live?

When you bring home that cute puppy most of us aren’t thinking about how many years we’ll have together. All we’re thinking about is how adorable he is and how fast we can hide everything he wants to chew on. So, it’s amazing how fast the years go by and gray starts to show up in our friend’s muzzle. Maybe you’re starting to wonder how long your dog will live.

What Are the Most Common Dog Training Mistakes?

People set out with the best intentions in the world when it comes to training their dogs. They see dog trainers on TV or they read about dog training on the Internet and it looks so easy. So, what goes wrong? What are the most common dog training mistakes?

The Best Treats For Dogs

One of the best things in the world is being able to make your dog dance around in happiness when you give him a treat he loves. Unfortunately, some owners give their dogs way too many treats. The treats may taste great but they can cause a lot of health problems if you give too many, or the wrong ones.

Make Your Home Poison Free

Each year there are many tragic accidents in the home because a dog accidentally ingests a poisonous substance. Most of these accidents can be avoided. Make your home poison-free by checking for things that could harm your dog.

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