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5 Summer Safety Tips To Remember to Enjoy Your Dog Walks This Season

With the temperature climbing up to 100 degrees, it’s a tall order that dog owners know these summer safety tips so they can take their furballs for their daily walks. The scorching heat should not stop us from enjoying outdoor activities. With enough knowledge, it is still possible to enjoy the hot sunny days.

Pomeranian Care Tips

Inviting a new puppy into the home is an exciting time, especially when it is a Pomeranian. They are full of spunk and fluff, and are one of the most beloved breeds. Pomeranians require much of the same type of care as other dogs, but there are a few aspects of their care that ought to be noted prior to ownership.

Warning Signs of an Aggressive Puppy

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are approximately 4.5 million reported cases of dogs biting people each year in the United States. The majority of cases involve the elderly, children between the ages of 5-9, mostly boys, and generally by the family pet. Can you read the warning signs of an aggressive puppy?

Is an In-Ground Electric Dog Fence Inhumane For Your Pet?

More ways are innovated in our generation. Nowadays, we can even contain a pet without actually building a physical fence. The in-ground electric dog fence is a technology that allows owners to train dogs to prevent them from crossing boundary lines without pressing your pets in captivity.

Properly Training Your Pitbull Puppy

Are you looking to purchase one of those adorable pitbull puppies for sale at the local pet store, breeder, or shelter? Adding a pitbull puppy to your family is a great decision, but before you officially commit to a new dog, make sure you know how to properly train the pitbull breed.

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