Why Has My Dog Become Nervous Around Me? #shorts #relaxmydog

How To Train Your Dog With Clickers

What is clicker training? How do I clicker train? Where can I purchase a clicker? All these questions and more will be answered including the golden rule of clicker training.

Dirofilariasis – The Deadly Heartworm in Dogs

Discover why heartworm is potentially deadly to your dog and how it can be avoided. Uncover how it is transmitted, the symptoms of an infected dog and the process for treating your dog if it has heartworm.

Is Clicker Training The Best Method for Training Pitbulls Not to Bite?

Some exasperated dog owners have asked me, “How you do you train a pitbull not to bite?” My answer is always, “That depends.” It will be easier to get your pitbull to stop biting if he’s a puppy.

The Right Way to Treat Your Dogs

Caring for your dogs is important to keep them healthy, behaved, and happy. Giving them delicious treats such as a Rawhide dog bone is a good way to do this. Find out what else you can do to improve your relationship with your dogs.

Pets Are One Way To Cure Loneliness

It is normal to experience periods of loneliness in life, but it’s important to realize you have some control over this state of being. Owning and taking care of a pet is one way to decrease feelings of loneliness and encourage socialization with others.

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