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Why You Should Feed Your Dog Grain Free Food

The fact is that nowadays we can choose from hundreds if not thousands of different types of dog foods. Some of them are specifically formulated for smaller or larger breeds, some of them are specifically formulated for different stages of life, some of them are more expensive, some of them are less expensive. The point that I’m trying to make is that there are a lot of products to choose from and if you don’t believe me go to Amazon or eBay and do a simple search for dog foods.

Understanding Physical Anatomy of a Dog

To effectively understand dog training, a dog trainer must understand the physical anatomy of a dog. Bone is a continually changing and actively metabolizing tissue in the living animal. It is composed primarily of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, in an organic connective tissue framework which is mainly protein.

Are The Colored Dyes Used In Your Dog Treats Deadly?

As a loving owner, you take great pride in taking care of your beloved dog. You go to great lengths reading and understanding the dog food labels, making sure you are not feeding your precious dog harmful and even deadly toxins. You have heard the phrase, no corn, wheat or soy in your dog’s food. (Notice you do not hear “no grains” in that phrase.) But do you understand that colored dye and dog’s treats can have the same deadly consequences as toxins in their food? Discover the deadly mistakes you may unwittingly be doing that can put your loved dog in grave danger.

5 Tips For Camping With Your Pet

Pets are apart of our families and as family we often want to take them on vacation with us. We explore ways to make sure that your pet stays safe during your next family vacation. Find out how to keep everyone safe and make this years’ vacation even more memorable.

Pomsky Breeder Review – Signs And Symptoms

A dog is generally referred to a man’s best friend and rightly they tend to be faithful to their owners and it is very hard to sidetrack them. The same devotion is seen with man and his dog where man can sometimes almost do anything for his dog.

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