TV for Dogs! Chill Your Dog Out with this 24/7 TV and Music Playlist!

7 Life Lessons From the Dog Park

My observations about the canine wisdom, from watching my 2 Basset Hounds Fred & Misty frolic at our local dog park. I comment on the distinct personalities of my submissive younger hound Misty, and my older and, in true hound form – stubborn — dog Fred.

Getting Underneath the Skin of Dog Mange

Mange is a range of dog skin problems that affect the overall well being of your canine. What causes dog mange is several species of parasitic mites that are transferred from dog to dog upon close contact with infected animals.

How to Choose the Right Dog Toys For Your Dog

They come in all shapes and sizes. They bounce, roll and fly about. They provide joy to your dog and peaceful moments during your busy day. Toys, ultimately, make a dog’s life go round. But, there is so much to consider – safety, size, style, the list goes on. How do you choose the right dog toy for your pouch?

To Preserve or Not Preserve! You’ve Heard the Hype Condemning Food Additives – Why?

Why do chemical pet food preservatives have such a bad rap? I think the problem with chemical food preservatives lies in their attributes which we list here. You’ve also seen the numerous product safety recalls for various brands of pet food. Concerned about the quality of most dog food? Looking for something to feed you dog that you can feel good about? We present an alternative here and explain why natural foods are good for you pets.

Music and Your Dog – Is It Therapeutic for Dogs and What Music Should You Choose?

Dogs can have phobias to overcome just like people can. Music and the choice of which music can play an important part in soothing and rehabilitating your dog.

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