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What Is The Best Way To Stop A Dog Fight?

Dog fights are scary events. Whether you see a fight about to start between two Toy dogs are between two very large dogs, or some other variation, dog fights are tense and they can lead to serious injuries, both for the dogs involved and for you if you try to intervene. However, here is some information that can help you stop a dog fight and avoid getting hurt.

What Shots Does My Puppy Need?

Like everything else concerning dogs, there is much discussion about the best way to vaccinate puppies. Even puppies that start receiving their vaccinations at a young age and have a couple of sets of shots can get deadly diseases like parvo. It’s very important to make sure that you talk to your vet to determine the appropriate series of vaccinations for your puppy.

How Fast Is The Fastest Dog?

The fastest dogs are the Sighthounds: Greyhounds, Salukis, Whippets and their kin. Many of these dogs are ancient breeds. These Sighthounds or gazehounds were developed for hunting different animals over different terrain.

Do Dogs Really Hate Cats?

Maybe it’s because there are so many people living in apartments these days, but cats have now taken over the top spot as America’s number one pet. But there are also many people who have both cats and dogs. Just how do dogs and cats really get along? Do dogs really hate cats?

Teaching Your Dog To Be Independent

There’s nothing happier than a happy dog. Most people would agree that in order to be happy a dog needs to feel confident and independent. Yet it’s also true that there are many dogs that, for one reason or another, cling to their owners. They may be anxious or fearful at times. You can teach your dog to be independent but it does take some effort on your part. Here are some suggestions.

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