Most Aggressive Breeds – Dogs To Be Careful With!

Training Drug Detection Dogs

If you are interested in dog training you may want to consider becoming a drug dog trainer. Training dogs for drug detection can be a very lucrative business. Not only are dogs trained for law enforcement, but dogs can also be trained for private detection companies. These companies search businesses, schools and homes for different kinds of contraband.

Detection Dogs

Known as man’s best friend, dogs have been helping humans securing their own lives for hundreds of years. With their unique abilities they have been serving as more than just mere extensions in the arsenal of security tools.

The Proper Way To Remove Ticks

Ticks can be a serious problem for dogs in the summer, especially in some parts of the country. By some estimations, more ticks are being seen today than previously, partly because of reforestation. There are more woods today so there are more deer and other animals, and with them come more ticks.

How To Dog Proof Your Home

A dog can bring amazing joy to your life and become your best friend. However, a dog can also destroy everything you own and tear your house apart! Before you bring a new puppy or dog home, it’s a good idea to dog proof your home to avoid some of the worst things that can happen. Then you can think about training your dog to teach him good house manners.

Stop Your Dog From Eating His Own Poop

One of the most disgusting things your dog can do is eating his own poop. This behavior is actually known as coprophagy. I think most owners will agree that there’s nothing worse than getting kisses from a dog who just finished eating his own waste. So the question is how to solve the problem. There are several different methods to use and in this article we are going to discuss some of them.

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