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Understanding and Controlling Prey Drive

Far too many dogs are ending up in shelters because their owners didn’t take the time to understand prey drive and how it applies to their pet breed of choice therefore, ending up with a dog they couldn’t handle. Here, we define prey drive, name examples of different breeds with varying degrees of prey drive and solutions for controlling dogs with high prey drive. This isn’t rocket surgery.

How to Tell If Your Pet Dog’s Unwell

Just like human beings, dogs also get sick. As a responsible pet dog owner, you should be able to tell the signs that it is not feeling well so proper medical care and attention can be given to it.

Pet Health Care Also Involves Complete Dental Care

The importance of oral hygiene is well known among the humans but if you are thinking that it is not important for your lovely pet then your are making a big mistake. Lack of oral hygiene in pets can result into oral disease, tooth decay and lots of pain.

Untrainable Dog – Are You Making This Mistake Too?

Owning an “untrainable dog” means constant frustration for you. Your dog maybe never comes when you call him or behaves in unwanted, unpleasant ways. In your efforts to “rehabilitate” him you may, occasionally, even use methods you hate.

Why Dogs Have Tear Stains And How To Minimize Them

The basic reason dogs have tear stains on their face is because they are shedding tears instead of the tears draining properly into their tear ducts. Depending on the reason why your dog has tear stains, there are often ways to minimize their appearance. If your dog has tear stains because he has shallow eye sockets, such as with the short-nosed breeds, you can’t change the shape of his eye sockets, but you can do some things to keep the stains at bay.

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