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Is a Vegetarian Diet Good for a Dog?

Vegetarian diets can be very healthy for humans, and many people think that a meatless diet could provide the same kind of benefits to their dog. If you’re considering putting your dog on a vegetarian diet, there are a number of things you’ll need to think about.

Should Dogs Have Boots When It Is Cold Outside?

You have probably seen many dogs out walking in the snow in cute little sweaters and furry boots. Unbelievably, this is not only so that they look fashionable in the cutthroat world of doggie fashion, it is a great way to protect them from the cold. The question of whether dogs need boots in the cold weather is an age-old one and the debate has raged for years.

Remedy A Dog’s Winter Skin With These Tips

The winter weather affects a dog’s skin in many of the same ways it affects a human’s skin. Winter skin can be very aggravating without the right precautions. You know this, so you want to keep your dog feeling good during the winter season, too.

The Early Signs of Dog Behavior Problems

If you have a dog, then you know how it can be sometimes difficult to train your pet. Regardless of the breed, dogs have different personalities and all exhibit different behaviors. However, there are some common behavioral problems that, if spotted early, you as an owner can completely reverse the problems. Let’s take a look at the different behavioral problems exhibited by dogs.

The Friendliest Dog Breeds To Own

Before considering what type of dog to purchase it is good to know which are the friendliest breeds. Typically, smaller dogs are actually the most confrontational. Big dogs have a greater understanding of the world and are usually nicer than smaller ones. But in all reality the factor that determines the base for how friendly a dog is depends on their genetics and breed. Here you will learn about the friendliest dog breeds so that you can make a more informed decision on which pet to choose as a lifelong partner to love and build lasting memories with.

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