How Often Should You Take your Dog to the Vet? #shorts #relaxmydog

Make Training Sessions Fun For Your Dog And You

It can take a lot of work training a brand new puppy. Training your dog not only benefits you, it also helps to keep your dog safe. You must use positive training techniques; it’s best for you and your pup. It is important to be consistent and extremely patient when training your dog.

How to Establish Healthy Relationships Between Children and Dogs

Fearlessness: that is the typical characteristic of children when they are born. Why? Because the concept of fear is still not present in them. They came to this world to learn and that process has not begun yet.

Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

When faced with the possibility of adopting an older dog, most people will probably think it is a risky thing. After all, older dogs have already been in the hands of other dog owners and probably learned a whole lot of things that the new candidate may not want to face.

Things to Avoid in Order Not to Poison Our Dog

I am really surprised at how little do many of us, dog owners, know about what it takes for us to easily poison our dog. And then come the crying and the suffering for having done the harm to our beloved animal ourselves. Although the pain is valid, would it not be much more intelligent to simply learn before doing?

Pet 101: How to Deal With Your Older Dog’s Needs

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. However, like most living creatures, they age and they age fast. And they way they age is similar to us humans.

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