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Prepare Your Pet For The Winter Chill

The cosy season has almost arrived, with low temperatures already being experienced in many parts of Australia. Our pets can feel the cold too, so make sure as you begin to rug up and keep warm that you spare a thought for your furry friend and make sure they are also feeling warm and toasty. Check out the tips below on preparing your pet for the winter chill to make sure you are aware of all the ways to keep your pet comfortable through the colder months.

Reduce Dog Collar Irritation

Having a pet dog is a big responsibility. These fun and furry animals are great friends but they need a lot of attention and care in order for them to lead healthy and happy lives. Unfortunately many people think all dog products are the same and that it doesn’t matter if they put a leather, nylon or hemp material collar on their pup.

Curing Kennel Cough In Dogs

Kennel cough in dogs is known medically as infectious tracheobronchitis, a type of bronchitis that affects canines. It is most common in kennels because the infection is easily spread among a population of dogs. Here’s what you need to know and do:

Taking Your Dog On Holiday

Your pet has become part of the family, so it’s no surprise when you tell your children you are going on holiday that they want Rufus to come as well. It sounds like a good idea but there are some things to consider first.

Uncover 4 Most Common Bladder Problems in Dogs

Let’s face it: Whenever our dear dogs seem to be having problems with urination, be it difficulty in voiding or strong-smelling urine, usually our first guess would be urinary tract infection. But did you know that UTIs are usually not common unless a dog has concurrent diseases? And that dog bladder problems manifest similar symptoms?

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