Dog TV: Entertainment Colour Graded for Dogs Eyes! [10 Hours]

Summer Is Here, Dogs Just Want to Play – Beware of Heat Stroke or Dehydration in Your Dog!

Love coming home from work in the summer and grabbing one of the dog chew toys, going outside and playing catch with your pup? Make sure you know what heat stroke means for your dog.

What to Do If Your Dog Is Lost

We recently moved to a new house, so when I take my dog out for a walk I am try to remember to keep a tight hold on his leash. A few days ago I took the larger of my two dogs, a 35 pound Shetland Sheepdog, for his evening walk and this is what happened…

Why Puppies Need To Be Massaged

Puppy Massage is all about prevention as it… ‘starts right (and) at the beginning’… Prevention from unnecessary Stress, Strain and Injury – for young dogs aged 4 months and over.

Top 10 Banned Dog Breeds

In many countries around the world there are some special laws that restrict the population of certain dog breeds. Those dogs are considered to be potentially dangerous. That’s why a lot of governments are trying to reduce their number. According to me, restrictions of that kind are shame for the whole country they are coming from. However, I’m glad to share with you the Top 10 Banned Dog Breeds in the world:

Problem With Dog Smell? – 5 Ways to Minimize Odor From Your Pooch

Loving a dog and living with them in your home should not mean that you have to choose between having a pet and a home that smells good. You can have both. Here are 5 things you can do to stay on top of the odor in your home.

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