SUPER LONG DOG TV: Hours of Fun Entertainment to Relax My Dog!

Top 5 Dog Services

After a hectic day at work, or a hard day doing household chores, sometimes we don’t always have the time to take care of our pets. Whether we need a dog walker or dog groomer, there are plenty of experts on hand to help.

Cute and Adorable Pets: Bring A New Member To Your Family

Are you looking for a cute pet? Here’s an overview of the most important aspects you should consider while looking for the best pet.

My Dog, the Philosopher?

A dog can show love, anger, fear, hurt feelings, and can communicate their needs but they are all different, as well. Dogs can either be out-going (extroverted) or loners (introverted) which brings a question to mind that sparked my curiosity. If a dog is introverted do they have introspection?

Do We Rescue Dogs or Do Dogs Rescue Us?

The common notion among people who love dogs and dedicate themselves to doing something about abandoned dogs or dogs victims of human cruelty in its many manifestations is that they are the dogs rescuers. Yes, they are, and they certainly help these poor animals as much as they can to become part of other caring families or facilities that will provide them with the love and attention to their needs that they deserve. But, is that all?

Dog Care During The Winter Season

Winter can be challenging for humans but even more so for pets. This article discusses the dangers of winter concerning your pet and how to ensure your pet is well cared for during this Winter season.

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