Are Dogs Really Mans Best Friend?

All You Need to Know About Pit Bulls – Origin, Training Tips and Facts

During the nineteenth century, dog breeders in England, Ireland and Scotland started to experiment by crossbreeding Bulldogs and Terriers, looking for a dog that has the combined playful nature of a terrier with the power and muscularity of a Bulldog. The final result was a fine dog that inherited all the fine qualities of strength,invincible courage, gentleness and vigour at the same time. The Pit bull breed further includes different kinds of sub-breeds like the American Pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire terrier, the Bull terrier and other mixed breeds.

Getting Your Pet Prepared for A Visit to the Vet

Visits to the veterinarian may not always be a walk in the park for you and your pets. In fact, it can cause them anxiety or discomfort – and yes, they can understand that you are heading to the specialist. Make your vet visits a pleasant experience for your lovely dogs, cats and other beloved animals.

Getting Familiar With Your Dog’s Parasitic Residents

Dealing with your dog’s parasites doesn’t have to be a troublesome affair. As long as you’re familiar with these pesky pests and know how to deal with them, you can eliminate them before they cause serious risks to your pet pooch.

3 Tips on Fixing Common Dog Behavior Problems

Dog behavior problems are very common but quite easy to fix if you know how. You can fix the behavior problems of your dog without spending money on obedience schools and professional dog trainers. Here, you will learn some of the most common dog behavior problems and some tips on fixing them.

Who Makes Dog Food?

If you are interested in cooking for your dog, you are not alone! Many pet parents want to be in control of the freshness and quality of their dog’s food.

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