Why Does My Dog Drop His Toys on Me? #shorts #relaxmydog

Clipping Your Dog’s Nails – Safe and Effectively

In this article you will find helpful information regarding grooming for Dog Nail Clipping. With factual information as well as personal experiences.

Are Designer Dog Breeds Really Hypoallergenic?

While it may be true that the new designer dog breeds shed very little, if at all, as compared to their accepted breed counterparts, be careful if you are enticed by claims that the dog you are looking at is hypoallergenic. If you have dog allergies, do your research before you purchase an expensive dog that is claimed to not bring on your allergies.

Dog Fence: Choosing the Right One

The dog fences are among the up to date innovations that a lot of pet owners are fond of nowadays. These are deemed effective in securing their pets. However, it is important to show consideration for the dog’s freedom. The fences and collars are more of the instruments that will prevent your pet from running away or guarantee its safety if it wanders away from your home.

Training Your Dog to Use a Dog Crate

In this article I hope to prevent some useful information on dog crate training. I would like to address the benefits of training as well as providing a quick how to guide on the actual training your dog to use a dog crate.

Dog Raw Diet – How to NOT Give Your Dog Diabetes and Cancer

Most kibble is unfit for dog consumption. Find out how a dog raw diet is beneficial! It’s natural!

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