1 Hour of Relaxing Music for Your Pet Hamster

Puppyhood and Behavioural Development

Taking a look at the developmental stages of the domestic dog, from birth to puberty. This is an easy-to-read guide for helping better understand domestic canine development.

Paedomorphism and Behavioural Development in the Domestic Dog

What makes dogs different than wolves? How was it possible to get so many different breeds, such the Chihuahua, Pug or Labrador, from a wolf? The how and why of floppy ears and squished noses.

5 Tips To Know To More Effectively Train Your Dog

Training a dog is very important to the dog’s development and a responsible owner should always seek to show a dog how to behave. Although there are a number of different styles and methods to train a dog it is wise to understand how dogs perceive us and how to get them to understand you more effectively.

Tips on How to Be a Responsible Puppy Owner

Puppies are cute and will almost always steal your heart, at the very first encounter. However, anyone intending to take on the task of looking after and caring for a puppy must first understand, all about puppy owner commitment. Being well prepared will make things easier and safer for all. Puppies are not toys, which you can play with and then simply put away, when you tire of the “sport”!

5 Facts About Ear Mites That Cat And Dog Owners Should Know

Ear mites that inhabit our cats and dogs ears can be a troublesome irritant but knowing a little about ear mites in our pets can help us understand and treat the problem more effectively. Here is a compilation of facts that may well help to understand how ear mites operate and their effect on your pet.

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