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Training Your Dog – Striving For A Disciplined Pet

The first thing you need to do after you bring home your pet dog is train it. After all, you want a disciplined pet; one that will come when you call, one that will not pounce on visitors walking into your home and above all a pet that won’t mess up the house. The process of training can be overwhelming if you do not know how to go about it and if you are not equipped to undertake it smoothly.

7 Essential Tips on House Training a Puppy

There are probably very few things that compare to the joy of bringing home a new puppy. But you should also understand that among the most important parts of dog ownership and care is to house train your puppy. Fortunately, house training your puppy need not be the worrisome task that most new owners have. With a few key tips to remember, house training your puppy can be just part of the fun.

Why You SHOULD Neuter Your Dog!

Human babies are born all year round – but we humans are exceptional in this respect. Most animals are seasonal breeders.

How to Groom a Long Haired Jack Russell Terrier

Long haired Jack Russell tips. This article will teach you how to groom and maintain a long haired Jack Russell Terrier, also known as a rough-coat Jack. You will learn great tips on bathing, brushing, stripping, and trimming your Jack Russell pup.

Dog Training Secrets – How to Become the Alpha Dog

“Dog Training Secrets – How to Become the Alpha Dog,” talks about how you can stop your dog’s behavioral problems by learning how YOU can take control of your dog’s behavior. Until YOU learn how to become the alpha dog around your home, you may have a problem with training.

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