Why Does My Dog Sleep on the Floor Instead of Bed? #shorts #relaxmydog

Your Dog Absolutely Needs a Canine Life Jacket

In the interests of dog safety, this article points out some of the important reasons why a canine life jacket is imperative for every dog, not just those known to be good swimmers. Many people do not give it much thought, but dogs need life jackets just as much as toddlers do.

Dog Theft on the Rise Across the UK

Thousands of dogs are being stolen each year, often to order by organised gangs and many of them are being sold on the internet. Dog owners are being warned to be extra vigilant after data was released showing a sharp rise in the number of dog thefts.

How You And Your Pet Can Benefit From Dog Obedience Training

Your little (four-legged) bundle of joy. Your furry friend. Your best mate.

A Dog With a Hundred Names

Curled up beside the lamp post, bundled so tight that an ant would lose its path, he sleeps. The heavy set fog seems to have forgotten him but he knows better. There are a million corners, far warmer and dry but this is where he has to lie.

Weighing Cost Versus Value of Canine Treadmills for Dog Exercise

Are dog treadmills expensive? You betcha! But consider that a good treadmill designed specifically for dogs offers you and your dog so many benefits that the value of the treadmill might be worth the cost. Considering the short- and long-term paybacks you and your dog get in terms of your dog’s health, safety and behavior, and your convenience and peace of mind, you’ll likely come out ahead. Add in what we spend on our dogs each year, and price alone should not be the deciding factor on whether to get one.

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