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House Training Chihuahuas Successfully

In this article we’re going to talk about house training Chihuahuas by using a crate. Clean animals by nature, dogs keenly dislike soiling where they sleep and eat. This fact makes a crate a useful tool for house training.

What to Do When a Dog Misbehaves?

It’s one thing to teach your dog useful behaviors like sit, down and stay, but what should you do when your dog is doing something you don’t want him to do? Dogs never seem to run out of ways to get into trouble, whether it’s barking like a maniac out the window, chewing on your slippers, or chasing the family cat. Life is a lot more pleasant if you know how to respond swiftly and effectively when Duke is doing something he shouldn’t.

Introduction To Dog Bark Collars

Being a dog owner is a great and rewarding experience, but it does come with its share of regular problems. One of these problems is excessive dog barking. One of the most effective ways to reduce dog barking quickly is the use of a dog bark collar.

Choosing the Right Dog Trainer

So many dogs are given away because of certain behaviors that can easily be broken. Before taking drastic steps and letting the dog’s behavior get out of control, take a step back and look at the options available. There are professional dog trainers that can take any hard to handle pooch and turn him or her into a well behaved animal.

Introduction to Using a Clicker for Dog Training

There are many tools that have been used for training dogs. Some are more effective than others and lend themselves to a positive reinforcement approach to dog training. Using a clicker for dog training is an effective method that uses positive reinforcement to encourage the dog to display the behaviors that are desired.

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