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German Shepherd – Important Details You Ought To Know

The German Shepherd, often called the Alsatian, belongs to the herding breed class. They feature a handsome wolf-like appearance. It was during the late 1800s the breed first came into existence and protecting and herding sheep is the role they were originally used for.

Great Dane – Important Details To Understand

The Great Dane (also known as the “German Mastiff”) is a working dog. They have floppy ears, multiple coat colors and a giant size. It was in the 14th century the breed is assumed to have first originated and hunting wild boars or guarding houses is the role they were originally used for.

What Things Should You Know About The Havanese?

The Havanese, also called the “Havana Silk Dog”, is a toy breed of dog. They feature a curly non-shedding coat in many colours. It was during the 15th century the breed first appeared and providing companionship to Spanish sailors is the purpose they were initially used for.

Italian Greyhound – Essential Things You Ought To Understand

The Italian Greyhound (also known as the “Iggy”) is a toy dog. They have an appearance that’s similar to the regular Greyhound. The breed is assumed to have first came into existence in ancient times over 6,000 years ago where they were initially bred for hunting and companionship.

What Should You Know About The Japanese Chin?

The Japanese Chin, also called the Japanese Toy Spaniel, is classified under the toy dog breed class. They have a black or tan or red and white coat. The breed is assumed to have first originated in 6th century China and was gifted to Japan where companionship (contrary to the belief that dogs were working animals) was the reason they were first kept for.

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