TV for Dogs! Underwater Swimming Videos to Entertain Dogs!

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot – Exercising-In-Spite-Of-The-Heat Tips for You and Your Dog

Let’s face it: no one wants to exert themselves when it’s hot and humid. Yet your dog’s happier, healthier and better behaved if he gets enough exercise. Take a look at these tips that can help you and your pupster stay in shape when the temperatures outside soar…

Choosing a Dog That Fits Your Lifestyle

Are you thinking of making a dog part of your family? There are many things to consider when choosing a pet. We will discuss many of the details that you need to consider so that you can choose the perfect dog that fits your lifestyle.

Dog Boarding Basics Every Pet Owner Must Know

Dog boarding or kenneling offers a convenient and safe way to make sure pets are well-looked after when you need to get away for a while. For a fee, loved pets are placed in the capable hands of dog boarding authorities to be fed, groomed and exercised.

Blue Nose Pitbulls: Friends and Not Foes

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. Dogs are perhaps one of the earliest animals that man has domesticated, and hence, their friendship goes back to the pre-historic periods. This friendship has continued over the years, and still now, dogs are regarded as the number one domesticated animals all over the world.

Is It Necessary for Children to Have Fear of Dogs?

When thinking about dogs and puppies, one of the common things that come to mind is fear of dogs, especially when we think of children and their possible interaction with these wonderful pets. Fear is not something that we inherit. Yes, it is one of the strongest natural human reactions to danger, one of our basic emotions, so it is definitely in our system.

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