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Why “Dumb Dog Tricks” Can Be Worthwhile!

While most of you know the benefits of teaching your dog basic obedience, many of you may not realize that teaching seemingly pointless tricks may have a positive impact. Not only can tricks build a great bond between you and your dog, but it can also increase your dog’s willingness and desire to learn. Do you ever watch those YouTube videos of dogs doing tricks, and think that person had to have a lot of time on their hands to get their dog to do that? Think again! A dog that enjoys learning and is truly bonded with their owner can pick up an amazing array of tricks fairly quickly. Now I am not saying that no time is invested by the owners teaching their dogs these tricks. What I mean is it can be a smooth process if you follow certain guidelines.

Risky Dog Snacks: What To Consider When You Treat Your Pet Dog

What dog owner doesn’t love to give their pet a doggie treat? Yet, you have to mindful of the type of treat you are giving your dog. Some common treats could be harmful to dogs, both large dog breeds and small. This articles gives you some treats you should be mindful of when you are considering giving them to your canine pal.

Symptoms of Cushing’s in Dogs: An Herbal Solution

Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease in dogs can mimic symptoms of other biological imbalances including diabetes, arthritis, flu, even worms. Diagnosis by a veterinarian begins with clinical observation and leads to the better part of a day spent in probing and testing. Even then, conventional treatment may be too iffy for some. Here is one case study with an herbal solution.

Dog Attack Prevention Tools

In this article we will discuss some dog attack prevention tools that you can use to prevent a dog bite. Some of them you already know, others are common sense tools that you may not think of. Read on to learn more.

Bring A New Member Home – Things To Consider Before You Buy A Puppy

Puppies are love creatures with cute, soft and adorable features. However, they aren’t show pieces that you flaunt in your drawing room. Rather, they’re living creatures, similar to human kids or children. Thus, they need proper love and attention to grow up in a healthy way.

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