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The Trick to a Well Behaved Dog Is Having One

Having well behaved dogs comes from controlling them psychologically and emotionally. 99% of dog owners don’t understand dogs and tend to humanize them. When we can realize that our ability to become powerful in our dogs eyes is the missing ingredient we must then focus on our success mindset in order to make it happen.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Suffering From Stress

We all feel it even if we cannot see it. It is part of our daily lives and causes all kinds of negative outcomes we don’t want, but we ourselves have created. What is this? It is the noun used everywhere to try to explain changes in humans that otherwise cannot be made clear. It is stress

Dog House Sizes – How To Choose The Right Size For Your Dog House

Are you wondering how large or small your dog house should be? This article will guide you through the basic size requirements for building or buying a dog house.

Astrology Horoscope for Dogs

Astrology horoscope for your dog. Would you like to get to know your dog better? The stars can influence dogs lives as much as human lives. Get to know your dog a little better by learning about his or her star sign.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in a Crate

In this article, I discuss how to keep your new puppy or newly adopted adult dog safe in dog crate. I explore all of the potential hazards and how you can avoid them. Learn why it is so important to not put anything in, on or near your dog’s crate until you are certain about their behavior while left alone in the crate. Read about my experience with my German Shepherd Dog Sasha and how I kept him out of harms way, and discover how you can do the same for your own canine companion.

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