Things You Should Know Before Getting a Puppy #shorts #relaxmydog

The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Over the last sixty-five years I’ve owned a lot of pet dogs, many of them quite intelligent. This article is about the Welsh Terrier’s intelligence both as a breed and as I have experienced it with my AKC (American Kennel Club) registered Welsh Terrier named “Oliver”. Born on December 7, 2004 in Sedalia, Missouri Oliver is now eight years old.

How to Get Ready For a New Puppy

A new pet especially a puppy requires a lot of attention and care. Before you bring home your new pet for the first time, make sure that everything is ready from his food, sleeping area, name tags to grooming kits.

How to Choose Puppies for Sale?

Buying puppies for sale requires plenty of planning and preparation. Once you buy a new pet, it is not only a responsibility of one person but by the whole family. If you plan to buy a new pet, there are different things to consider from the food, pet insurance and visit to the vet.

Titan’s First Spa Swimming Session

As an attempt to improve Titan’s health and fitness, and encourage chances for us to bond, I have decided to try taking him swimming at the spa. I am curious to see how it might improve Titan’s bilateral proprioceptive stall, and give him a new experience. I will post updates on his progress. I am exploring whether these dog spas have health and fitness benefits or are they just a trend?

Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System by Giving Him Herbal Supplements

Supplements are generally for humans, but your dog has an immune system also, so, the same principle applies. They get colds, they get rundown, and all the feelings we have whenever we need a boost of supplements in our bodies, and they do also.

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