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All About The Jack Russell Terrier

The Mask, the Wizard of Oz, Wishbone, and Frasier. What do these four popular shows and movies have in common? The Jack Russell Terrier! This small size dog breed has been a favorite in the media for not only being charming, but shrewd and very cheerful. There are many amazing qualities and facts about the Jack Russell Terrier. Here are just a few things to know about them.

Boston Terrier Facts

Boston Terriers, also known as Boston Bulls and Boston Bull Terriers, are a breed of dog that originate from Boston, Massachusetts. These dogs came into existence in the late 1800’s when English bulldogs were bred with English White Terriers, a breed that is now extinct. The AKC recognized the breed in 1893. It was one of the very first non-sporting breeds to originate in the United States!

All You Need To Know About The Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier is a smooth-haired terrier breed that is very intelligent, cunning and is high-spirited. This terrier breed is loved by many because of its inquisitive nature and is very eager to learn. It displays the true nature of terrier breeds; terriers are lively, independent, faithful, alert and sporty. Manchester terriers make terrific watchdogs and are very loyal to their owners.

Choosing The Best Doggy Day Care For Your Pal

Many of us have to work at least 40 hours a week, and leaving our dogs home alone can be stressful. Not only for us, but our pets as well. Many dogs when left unattended will become bored and bad behavior patterns arise.

Choosing The Best Place To Board Your Dog

Making sure your pet is taken care of when you have to leave town can be a very tough thing to do. Luckily there are many options available and each fits a different type of dog. All of these options ensure the health and happiness of your pet and can be pretty easy on your budget as well.

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