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Teaching Your Puppy How To Behave

When your new puppy arrives home it is an exciting time for everyone, and that includes the dog! The puppy will need to get used to its new surroundings as well as getting used to all of the new people that it might come in contact with. So in order to teach your puppy how to behave in the home environment you need to consider taking your new bundle of fur to a puppy training class.

Pet Care Tips: Keeping Dogs Healthy the Natural Way

Prevention speaks volumes, especially when it involves caring for animals. To improve their health, it is necessary to use the right supplies and foods to keep them buoyant.

My Dog the Prankster

Many years ago we had a Samoyed Husky named Skipper. These dogs are strong, intelligent and have a perpetual smile on their face. Samoyeds are classed as a working dog, but our dog Skipper was more of a comedian and jester!

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over in No Time and Make Exercises Enjoyable for Both of You

This article will tell how to teach your dog to roll over in no time. Just a few simple steps – and you will teach your dog this amazing trick.

Stress in Dogs

This article looks into the causes of stress in dogs including separation, Introduction of another puppy to the house, routine disruption and other causes. It also looks into the common stress symptoms in dogs and what to do if your dog is stressed.

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