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The Role Leadership Plays In Your Dog’s Training

For a very long time pet dog owners and trainers thought that you ought to instruct your pet dog by using alpha theory strategies and overall obedience training and that this simulated the Alpha’s duty in wolf packs and that is the best ways to train a dog. Fortunately times have improved and lots of research have been done with wolves and their functions within the pack and since then the training has actually moved to a more teach by leadership style technique which is far much better for the dog and you. Years ago your…

What To Know When Walking An Aggressive Dog

You probably can relate to this if your dog is aggressive. You are taking him for a walk in the neighborhood, everything is going great. Out of nowhere, the dog’s ears pop up, and he goes into a different mode.

Dog Owner? You May Need This Sneaky Little Tip

I almost face-palmed myself when a Dog Trainer friend made me aware of this tip and have used it to my advantage ever since. Taking my dog for a walk is an absolute pleasure now I have mastered this sneaky little tactic.

5 Reasons Little Dogs Need Training Too!

Quite often people that own small dogs say that their dog doesn’t need training because it is just a small dog. That isn’t true. Small dogs need training just like the big guys do and here are just a few of the reasons why.

5 Things Your Dog Wants To Tell You About Training

Do you ever wonder if your dog would like to be able to communicate with you? Well he actually would love to tell you a few things about what the two of you are doing together with his training. Since you didn’t catch it in his body language here it is in human language.

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