My Dog Isn’t Eating After Neutering #shorts #relaxmydog

Why Does My Puppy Chew?

Chewing everything in the house is one of the most common reasons puppies are surrendered to shelters. Your new puppy does not have to be a nuisance. Giving your puppy alternatives will make for a happy home and you don’t have to give away the family pet.

Simple Tips on Training Small Dogs

There are people who underestimate training small dogs, thinking they have less energy and very easy to handle due to their small size. But in fact, they are usually very smart and sometimes more aggressive that bigger dog breeds. There are cases and videos of small dogs barking and over powering bigger dogs, a small dog mounting big dogs or other big animals, pulling tag and barking like crazy thinking they are big and powerful enough. If so happen you have small canine companion with such behavior, check out these simple and easy ways to train them into a well-behaved small pooch.

Raw Feeding Dogs: Does It Keep Canine Teeth Healthy? 5 Top Tips For Pearly Gnashers

Raw Feeding Dogs: does it keep canine teeth healthy? Read my 5 top tips for keeping your dogs teeth in good condition amid the current rising epidemic of periodontal disease.

How To Stop A Dog Fight Quickly

Are you fearful of taking your dog out in case it gets attacked or gets into a fight? Does your heart race every time you see another dog approach your beloved pooch? If so read on and discover how to stop a dog fight fast if it ever happens to you.

They’re Still Dogs

We love our dogs. We welcome them into our homes and our families. We feed them, buy them toys and bones and maybe even let them sleep on our beds. We allow them to play with our children, with the neighbor’s children and even with stranger’s children. We tell people “Tucker” is so gentle, he wouldn’t hurt a fly. We assume that “Tucker” can be poked, petted and prodded without batting an eyelash. “He’s so laid-back.” How surprised we are when “Tucker” bites our neighbor’s daughter in the face. What happened? Why did he do that? There must be something wrong with him! In the following article, I’ll explain why I think our dogs bite and what we can do about it.

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