Music for Pregnant Dogs: Soothing Pregnancy ASMR Sounds!

Ever Heard of a Doggie Foster?

Foster homes are the backbone of dog rescue organizations. The number of dogs’ lives that can be saved depend on the number of people that are willing to open their hearts and homes to injured, abandoned, or special needs pups.

What “Alpha Rolling” Is Really Doing to Your Dog

To those unaware, alpha rolling is the physical act of forcibly rolling a dog over on his side or back, pinning him there until he is forced to submit. The objective is to assert whos boss, and for the dog to reach what popular media has dubbed calm submission. It is dangerous and based on flawed understanding of how dogs work.

Protect Your Pets With Frontline Combo

Frontline Combo is very effective pet meds for your Dogs and Cats. It prevents flea infestation, brown ticks, paralysis ticks and biting lice on pets. It is a waterproof flea & tick treatment, moisture does not affect the medicine. This allows the pet to continue to swim and bathe, even after the application of medicine.

Dog Hunting Training Tips: How To Cure Gun Shy Dogs

While some dogs may be more prone to becoming gun shy, it can be prevented. Most of them are more sensitive and even the bravest can have this fear if the introduction to the gun is not handled properly.

Ideas For Homemade Dog Treat Recipes All Year Long

Holidays are a great time to try dog treat recipes in order to include your fluffy friend in the celebration. No matter what time of year, or what holiday you are celebrating, your dog will appreciate fresh, homemade dog treats.

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