Music for Ferrets! Relaxing and Soothing Music for Ferrets, Help Your Ferret Sleep!

Learning: What It Is, and How It Works

Learning is the process by which an animal acquires a new skill. All learning is aimed at bettering said animal’s quality of life; thus it is a hedonistic process…

Air Travel Tips For Your Dog

Traveling by air with a pet can be a challenge. Often times that first trip can determine whether or not your pet ever has a repeat trip! By giving consideration to just a few common pain points, your trip can be a positive experience for everyone.

Physical Therapy for Dogs – An Owner’s Perspective

Alvin the Bichon Cockapoo severed one of the ligaments connecting his upper and lower leg bones. This article describes Alvin’s rehab experience from his owners’ viewpoint.

3 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to boost his mental stimulation, and it allows the two of you to bond. The training can be fun and simple, as long as he knows basic commands, such as “down” or “sit.” Here are three simple tricks that you can teach your dog.

If You Are a Dog Attack Victim, Read This

In dog bite cases, the dog’s owner is the defendant and the victim is the claimant and the legal issues surrounding dog bites are often complex because most states (but not all) are strict liability jurisdictions. This means that dog owners are civilly liable for the dog bite as long as the victim neither trespassed nor provoked the dog. In some states, liability is automatic, while in others there are limitations upon it. A dog bite victim should seek counsel from an experienced attorney to determine if they reside in a strict liability state and to ensure they receive the maximum compensation allowed under the law.

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