Keep Your Dog Calm and Relaxed Even During Fireworks – Music Therapy For Dogs

How To Know If Your Cat Is Safe With Your Dog

If you’ll be bringing a cat home you may want to know if it’s okay for a dog to be around. It may be hard to know if either animal will react poorly to this. Here are some tips so you can see if this can be done in the best way possible.

How to Ensure That a Senior Dog Is As Comfortable As Possible

Elderly dogs, just like elderly people have changing needs. Everyone seems to flip when they see a puppy or a young dog leaping around but an older dog which has been well cared for and loved is equally appealing for a true dog lover.

3 Travel Tips For Dogs – Keeping Your Pet Happy During Your Drive

Traveling long distances can be stressful, and that feeling tends to be multiplied when you are traveling with pets. This is especially true if your pet is anxious about traveling, or hasn’t traveled much in the past. The following tips can help you ensure both you and your pets a stress free trip, and minimize the anxiety of traveling with your dogs.

Teaching Your Dog Tricks – Do’s and Don’ts

Teaching your dog tricks takes time and effort but the benefits for both of you are enormous. In this article I will discuss some of these benefits and some important do’s and don’ts.

Adopt An Older Dog Instead Of A Puppy (EXPERT)

Older dogs are the perfect choice for those who don’t have the time and patience to train a puppy. They are usually more mellow and well-behaved and will give you and your family many years of friendship. Read the article and find the many ways an older dog may be the right choice for you. Imagine your joy at coming home tonight to find a loving, smart and mild mannered dog greeting you at the door, with tail wagging a greeting. That can be your reality when you adopt an older dog.

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