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Why You Should Adopt Your Dog

This is my story of how we saved our puppies life by adopting him from a shelter. Please read and consider getting your next pet from a shelter… you could be their last chance!

Considerations Before Choosing A Dog

The best guarantee for a happy life with your dog is to be prepared on what is coming up to you. In this article I am trying to show the main things to consider before choosing a dog.

Interactive Dog Toys

If there is anything that dog’s love almost as much as their owners, it has to be playing around and having a lot of fun especially with interactive dog toys. A lot of dogs, even those who seem very stern and serious, or those who are from working breeds, often find it very hard to resist the urge to play especially with their owners and the rest of their family members. Much like us humans, our pets also want to spend a lot of time trying to relax, and have a good time.

Kennel Cough – How to Properly Treat Your Dog

Kennel cough is a common condition in dogs. Learn what kennel cough is and the ways how your dog can be protected against it.

Rabies in Dogs: The Different Stages of Rabies and Its Symptoms

Rabies virus can affect the brain and spinal cord of the animal infected. The most common animals infected with this virus include dogs, cats, other wildlife, and humans.

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