How to Easily Cut Your Dogs Nails! #shorts #relaxmydog

Teaching Your Dog To Play Dead On Command

If you have always wondered how people could pretend their hand was a gun, say “bang” and their dog played dead, here is your answer. It’s a funny party trick and relatively easy to teach your dog to play dead on command. All you need is a little patience, some time to spend with your dog and probably a good handful of liver treats!

How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing Things

Learn how to completely stop your puppy’s chewing problem by implementing a few simple methods I am about to show you. You will never have to think about replacing your chewed up shoes again!

Car Safety for Your Pet

Dogs love going for rides in the car and people enjoy taking their canine companions along with them. Pet owners have an obligation to travel safely with their pet. This is for the safety of the pet owner, the safety of the pet, as well as for the safety of all other drivers on the road.

Residential Service Dog Training

When the time comes for a dog to undergo training for its future role as a service dog, there are many different theories on which training method is the best, and there are almost as many theories as there are breeds of dog in the world! It seems like there is a newfangled service dog training method coming to the fore each and every week.

What Dogs Need to Eat

Dog food today is being created with this whole shift in thinking that organic is best and raw dog food is better than kibbles. Every brand is quick to boast that they provide fruits, vegetables and Omega oils. It leaves a lot of people worried about whether their dog’s diet is actually adequate. Not only has the shift for organics changed the way people eat and feed their families, now it reflects how they feed their dogs. But like many dog owners, I have found myself wondering, does it REALLY matter? What is my dog missing in his or her diet?

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