How to Clean a Dog Without Bathing Them! #shorts #relaxmydog

Learn How To Take Care Of Your Dog And Strengthen Your Friendship!

It goes without say that a dog is a man’s best companion. A person should purpose to ensure that they maintain good rapport with their dog. This can be achieved by ensuring that you provide it with proper diet, ensuring that your pet lives in proper conditions, enjoys good exercise and is generally healthy.

Should Animal Shelters Have Higher Adoption Fees For More “Desirable” Dogs?

Historically, local animal shelters have had uniform adoption fees that have been lower than the fees at other types of animal rescues. That lower adoption fee may soon become a thing of the past. A new trend has animal shelters charging variable adoption fees based on the age of the animal and the popularity of the breed. Why this is happening? Would you pay $600 for a puppy from your local animal shelter?

What Can You Learn From Dog Obedience Training?

When you get a new dog, the first thing you do is train it on dog obedience. If you do not know how to train a dog, you must choose a dog trainer or guide.

Funny Animal Stories

During my days in the advertising business, I organized promotional events such as Christmas parades with a six-pony team pulling Santa’s sleigh, carnivals and circuses with exotic animals and birds including lions, tigers, bears, monkeys and elephants. One day, I was on the telephone with a client discussing a theme for an upcoming sale event, when suddenly we heard my receptionist scream, then my office door burst open and in romped a baby lion. Behind him was one of his handlers attempting to corner the beast, while the other handler was trying unsuccessfully to convince the receptionist…

Before You Adopt, Know The 5 Most Common Psychological Problems In Puppy Mill Rescue Dogs

The increasing trend of “Adopt–Don’t Shop” has inspired some people to adopt a rescue dog. More specifically, increasing publicity about the horrors of puppy mills is leading some people to consider adopting a puppy mill rescue dog. A puppy mill dog, however, may have a unique set of psychological problems that will make it a less satisfying companion. If you know what you are getting into, this can lead to a wonderful experience. Not knowing what to expect, can lead to abandoned dogs, and we definitely do not need more of those. Know the 5 most common behaviors caused by psychological damage in puppy mill rescue dogs before you even think about adoption.

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