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Key Facts To Know When It Comes To The Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon (often called the “Belgian Griffon”) is a toy breed of dog. They feature wide set eyes, a flat face and rough coat. It was during the early 1800s the breed is known to have first appeared where hunting small vermin (and later guarding coaches) is the role they were first bred for.

Bull Terrier – Fundamental Facts To Understand

The Bull Terrier, often called the “Bullie” or “Gladiator”, is a terrier breed of dog. They have an egg-shaped head, triangular eyes and a coat that’s usually white. It was during the early 1800s the breed first originated where bull baiting and dog fighting is the reason they were first used for.

Fundamental Things To Know In Regards To The Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier, also called the “Cairn”, is a member of the terrier dog group. They have a fox-like face, pointy ears and a wiry coat in any color but white. The breed is assumed to have originated during the early 1900s.

Chihuahua – Essential Things You Should Understand

The Chihuahua, also known as the New Yorker in Mexico, is a member of the toy dog breed group. They feature a short or long coat that comes in several colors. The breed is believed to have first appeared during the 9th century and companionship is the purpose they were first used for.

Cocker Spaniel – Fundamental Facts You Ought To Know

The Cocker Spaniel (also called the “English Cocker Spaniel” or “American Cocker Spaniel” due to subtle differences in the types) belongs to the sporting dog breed category. They feature wavy ears and a coat that comes in solid and multi-color combinations. It was in the 1300s the breed is thought to have first existed where they were originally bred for hunting different types of birds.

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