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Fundamental Things To Know About The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever (also called the “Lab”) is a sporting breed of dog. They have a yellow, chocolate or black coat. The breed is assumed to have first originated during the 1800s where they were initially bred for pulling nets of fish for fishermen.

Lhasa Apso – Basic Facts To Know

The Lhasa Apso, also called the Lhasa Terrier, is classified under the non-sporting breed class. They have a long shaggy coat that makes them look a bit like a small Old English Sheepdog. The breed is believed to have first appeared during around 800BC.

Maltese – Essential Facts You Should Know

The Maltese (also known as the “Roman Ladies Dog” or “Comforter Dog”) belongs to the toy breed group. They feature a silky white coat. The breed first came into existence in around 500BC where they were first used as an exotic item of trade.

Norfolk Terrier – Essential Details To Understand

The Norfolk Terrier, often called the Norwich Terrier as at one stage they were the same breed, is a terrier breed of dog. They have short ears and a wiry coat that comes in several colors. It was during the early 1900s the breed first appeared.

Essential Things To Know In Regards To The Papillon

The Papillon (also known as the “Butterfly Dog”) is a toy breed. They feature distinctive butterfly-shaped ears and a white coat with patches of brown, black or red. It was during the 13th century the breed is thought to have existed and providing companionship for French royalty is the reason they were originally used for.

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