Fireworks Music for Dogs! Instant Anxiety Relief!

How To Use A Dog Car Ramp

Learning how to use a dog car ramp is easy for the owner – but what about the dog? Chances are, the pooch will find the ramp confusing and be afraid to come near it at first. With patience however, it’s possible for owners to make their pooch use the item on command.

The Essentials of Training Your Dog

It is important, as a dog owner, that you learn how to communicate with your dog, and also teach it how to behave. The commands that you give your dog, show it how it should behave when in your presence. Here are some of the most common commands that you can give to your dog.

Helping Your Anxiety-Ridden Pets Ride Out The Thunderstorm!

Storms can be scary for all of us, including your pets. Many pets, mostly dogs, are afraid of thunderstorms. This is one of the most common phobias that pets and their owners face. This article discusses pet anxiety during loud thunderstorms and practical suggestions to help your pet deal with the related anxiety.

6 Sure-Fire Ways for Dogs to Stay UTI-Free Naturally

Have you ever wondered if an-all natural method will work for canine bladder infection? Often we hear about antibiotics as the primary method of treatment for diseases, but some studies show that long-term antibiotic use especially broad-spectrum ones can do more harm than good.

Being Prepared For Your New Puppy

A new puppy can bring joy and happiness to the household. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that your home is new to the puppy, and so are you. Coming to a new home can be frightening for many reasons. Therefore you need to take steps to ensure the adjustment goes smoothly for the new member of your family.

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