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4 Ways to Carry Dog Poop

Did you know that you could accomplish this dastardly deed in 4 different ways? Well read on and learn and surprise yourself.

What Dog Behaviors Bother You the Most?

If we go into the realm of unwanted behaviors in living creatures, the list would never end. Animals and humans, and we must not forget we are animals too, characterize themselves by producing all kinds of behaviors that are really annoying to others. Human babies do it, adolescents do it and even adults do it. So, it is to be expected dogs do it too.

5 Things You Must Know About Why Dogs Eat Poop

At first glance, people may think it’s a curious and gross scenario to see dogs eating poop. But it’s not really like they wanted to do that or they find their excretion to be yummy stuff. In fact, there are a lot of underlying factors that come into play as one tries to find reasons why dogs eat poop. There are significant reasons why dogs sometimes end up munching their own excrement. At the same time, there are also ways to make them stop doing so.

New Puppy Tips: Training Your New Pet

When you get a new puppy, there are certain fundamentals you need to know about training. Leadership, timing, consistency, positive reinforcement, crate training and other issues are explained in this article so that your new puppy will grow into a well-behaved friend for life. These new puppy tips are especially geared toward new pet owners.

Nourishing Your Agility Dog

Companion Article to “Fueling Your Agility Dog”. Further, more factual, reasoning that dogs are Carnivores. Discuss dog nutritional requirements. Best avenue for meeting those requirements. Explain that “WildDog Diet” actually means “Carcass Diet”.

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